Yes! Broaden your driving horizons with an additional Volkswagen van driver from Euro Van Hire. Whether you’re going on a long adventure or running errands, adding a second driver to your VW van rental is easy peasy!

Benefits of an additional driver

Sharing – Driving long distances can be extremely tiring, so it’s a lot easier when there’s another driver to take over when needed. Plus having an extra driver on board can make the journey feel more like a road trip!

More fun – Sharing is also a lot more fun, and you will be able to have regular pit stops. Plus sharing the driving will help keep your energy up.

Additional drivers – This number doesn’t just stop at one, you can have as many as you like with your Euro Van Hire van. Additional drivers are charged at £10 + VAT (one of charge) per driver. Please note the liability for the vehicle will remain with the main signatory. If an additional driver is under the age of 25 they will also have to pay a Young Driver’s Charge. The Increase in insurance excess is dependent on the person’s age and the number of points on their licence.

Declaring an additional driver is super important, as you will be liable for driving with no cover if something happens to the vehicle when driven by an undeclared driver. The additional driver cost is to make sure that other drivers are covered under the same agreement as the lead driver.

To book an additional driver or to make an enquiry, please get in contact with us.