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Volkswagen Caddy

Start from £65.00 / per day
2015 Diesel Manual 25000

Volkswagen Transporter

Start from £75.00 / per day
2015 Diesel Auto 25000

Volkswagen Crafter MWB H/Roof

Start from £95.00 / per day
2015 Diesel Auto 25000

Volkswagen Crafter LWB H/Roof

Start from £105.00 / per day
2015 Diesel Auto 25000

Volkswagen Crafter Luton Tail Lift

Start from £110.00 / per day
2015 Diesel Auto 25000

Volkswagen Transporter Kombi

Start from £120.00 / per day
2015 Diesel Auto 25000

Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle

Start from £130.00 / per day
2015 Diesel Auto 25000

Volkswagen Vehicles

Euro Van Hire offer a range of vans and other passenger vehicles for hire, including small, medium and large vans. Our vehicle range incorporates many of the most popular vans; from VW vans including the VW Caddy, VW Transporter and VW Luton vans to Volkswagen passenger vehicles like the Volkswagen Amarok and the VW Caddy Shuttle.
We keep a vast number of VW vans and passenger vehicles available; whether you are looking for a van for work, house move, or simply for a day out, we have the vehicle for you.

Our small commercial vans are ideal for anyone seeking the convenience and maneuverability of a car but the storage capacity of a van. Medium vans offer a larger capacity for load, but have less maneuverability. Large vans are designed for transporting furniture or other large goods; we have a range of sizes at very affordable prices.

If you are unsure which size of vehicle or van you require, why not check out our van size guide for more information?

Small VW Hire Vans

If you’re after a small van, opt for the Volkswagen Caddy. The VW Caddy has two seats and comes with lots of storage space. An economical drive, the Caddy does 51.4mpg so your money goes as far as your van. Included is Bluetooth, Seat Covers and Zircon, with optional extras such as an additional driver and Sat Nav available.

Medium Volkswagen Hire Vans

The Volkswagen Transporter has been voted the ‘Business Van of the Year’, and celebrates a 65 year heritage. It seats three people, and has a 6.7m3 load capacity. The Transporter’s iconic designs embodies a striking shape and is equipped with the latest technology, such as Bluetooth. The Volkswagen Transporter does a reasonable 42.2mpg.

Large VW Commercial Vans

We have a range of Volkswagen Crafter vehicles for hire, including the Volkswagen Crafter MWB H/Roof. This nippy van seats three people and has a 10.5 m3 load capacity and does 31.7mpg. VW Crafters have optimum space and are extremely comfortable thanks to the stellar suspension.

Passenger Vehicles

Get your passengers from A to B with Volkswagen’s reliable range of passenger vehicles. Ideal for a large group of passengers, the Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle seats up to 9 people and is a stylish and comfortable means of travelling. The sliding doors provide easy access to passengers, and is practical if you are taking luggage.

VW vans are incredibly popular for their versatility and driveability, as well as their reliability! Hiring a VW van from JCB Eurovan is incredibly straightforward. We are an experienced, friendly and professional hiring service. You can book your Volkswagen vehicle hire online, or if you require a booking within five days then contact our office to check availability . Our friendly and professional van and vehicle hire team will be happy to assist you.

Call the office on 01323 458651 or email us at info@eurovanhire.net. For any other enquiries you can use the contact us form here.

We also offer the option of setting up a business account with us, which entitles you to preferential rates and a credit facility when renting any VW vehicle. Check our business users page or ask about a business account when speaking to the office.