Like any van, your Euro Van Hire VW van rental will need fuel to keep it going. Fuel policies vary between different vehicle rental companies, and these policies include full to full, pre-purchase, and free tank.  

Fuel policy

Euro Van Hire supplies the vehicle with a minimum of a ¼ of a tank and ask the vehicle is returned with the same amount.

As mentioned, your VW van will come with a part full (¼) of a tank. Providing you replace the fuel before returning with your Volkswagen van rental, you won’t have to: pay for fuel that you didn’t use, or have any additional service or refuelling charges.

If there’s not the minimum ¼ of a tank of fuel when you return with your van rental, some of your deposit may be kept back.

Get the most out of your fuel

We want you to get the most out of your time with one of our Volkswagen vans! Here are our top full to full fuel tips:

  • Make sure you keep tabs on the nearest petrol stations nearby that will be open when you need to fill up – a petrol stations nearby to Euro Van Hire is ESSO at Langley Shopping Centre
  • Get the fuel balance right – don’t overfill or underfill your VW van rental as you won’t get a refund for extra fuel, and may be charged for not putting enough in.